1. seraphica:

    The Foodnited States of America [via]

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  3. It’s never too late for pancakes.



  4. ozarkaaron:

    They say the light can save you.

    Trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, brought some nice discoveries.

    Model: Whitney DuRall

    Shot by Aaron DuRall



  6. brianboxphotography:

    Sunflower field that I love to visit…


  7. travelusastatepark:

    Cane Creek Lake, Cane Creek State Park, Arkansas, USA

    beautiful sunset…

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  9. fayettechillco:

    Last Sunday Fayettechill warehouse extraordinaire, Darrin Wahl, invited a few of us onto his boat to cruise around Beaver lake, and do some board riding.

    Darrin grew up on Beaver Lake and was raised in and around water, where he has developed some amazing skills behind a boat. His father is a…


  10. joshuascarlson:

    Under the weather.