1. Reasons to Love Arkansas

    Reasons 40-45: Because Beer.

    Thanks to the welcome emergence of new craft-beer breweries over recent years, as well as continued local support of our established breweries, Arkansas now has a thriving craft-beer industry to call its own. Here are just a few of the beers that Arkansans can be proud of:

    40. Diamond Bear Paradise Porter

    41. West Mountain Brewing IPA

    42. Core Brewing ESB

    43. Fossil Cove Belgian Brown Ale, (better known as the LaBrea Brown)

    44. Vino’s Brew Pub Wet Hopped Dunbar Cream Ale

    45. Saddlebock Brewery Arkansas Farmhouse Ale

    What did we miss?

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    Fossil Cove - T-Rex Tripel, best craft beer in Arkansas.
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